Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today I Become a Blogger

Hello, my name is Trisha, (you all know that already, don’t you), anyway, today I officially commit to becoming a blogger. Not that blogging is new to me. After all, I was blogging before I knew what blogging was. See, I had another website over 10 years ago. I won’t tell you the name of it cause someone may do a search only to find that my former site, where I inspired and motivated people, like I hope to do here, is now one of those adult material sites. Yep, I forgot to renew my name registration and it expired. Oh well, this time I’ll make sure I stay on top of thangs.

Like I was saying, I used to blog daily before other things took my attention away. The name of the page on my site was, Today’s Happenings. On Today’s Happenings, I would tell my dear readers how my life was going. It was like my own little reality show, where my readers, instead of watching my life unfold in front of their eyes on a T.V. screen, they would read my graphic, detailed account of Today’s Happenings. Since I basically write how I speak, and that depends on what mood I’m in, of course, it was just like being there.

One of the things that you will learn about me in my bloggings is that I am a very opinionated person. Some would even call me controversial, which a lot of opinionated people are, so I’m cool with that description. Another thing you will learn is although I am a very spiritual person and give God His props every chance I get, I am a down to earth, speak my mind, no-holds-barred kind of person. I’ve been called brutally honest by some. I believe that the truth sets folks free, so I speak it freely. I must admit that I don’t have a lot of friends, more males than females; ya’ll know how that goes. And that’s okay too.

One reason I want to get this blogging thing started is because I know it is a way to promote myself, which isn’t new to me either, promoting myself, that is. I’ve been promoting myself and others for years. I even had a promotional company called, A-Z Promotions. I’ll probably share that story with you in one of my future blogs. Anyway, the other reason I want to start blogging on a regular basis is because eventually my blogs will be compiled into a whole book. And, perhaps someone will see my musings and think to themselves, self, I think this chick has what it takes to be paid for her writing skills. Hey, it could happen. Hey, it’s gonna happen. Another thing is, I just invested in a lap top computer which was one of my goal things to get and I want to make sure that my investment was well spent. I mean, a writer should be able to access and organize her writing materials at all times. Being mobile is not only chic to me, but when I dropped nearly $600.00 bones; that’s dollars for the mature folk, I considered that validation that I was serious about my writing career.

Well, I think I’ve covered enough to consider this a formal introduction of myself as well as a good example of my writing style. I am a very animated, emotional and spirited person and want to convey that in my blogs. Hopefully this blogging thang will lead to bigger and better opportunities for me but, if I should fall short of that mark, hey, I’ll just take it for whatever it’s worth. I’ll add it to the dozens of other projects I’ve managed to give birth to over the years. At any rate, get ready to be taken on a rollercoaster ride as you venture into my blogging world, Mi 3cents Worth. Peace.

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